Volkswagen ID.3 1ST Edition

Developed on a platform dedicated to electric cars, ID.3 makes use of its space very efficiently. VW engineers placed the high-voltage flat battery pack on the rear axle side of the vehicle and did not lose anything from the interior volume. The electric motor is also positioned on the rear axle side. The vehicle’s wind resistance rating is 0.267 kg and its weight value is 1.719 kg.

The battery options of the vehicle will be 3 units. These options are 45 kW-hour (330 km range), 58 kW-hour (420 km range) and 77 kW-hour (550 km range) respectively. These range values ​​are also calculated according to the new WLTP standards and will be quite consistent. The 58 kW-hour medium-capacity battery pack is only selectable in the launch package “ID.3 1st launch edition”. It is also explained that a 100 kW fast charging unit can give this vehicle a 300 km range in 30 minutes.

When we look at the performance of ID.3, Volkswagen claims that this vehicle will be very serial. The electric motor, positioned on the rear axle of the vehicle, produces 310 Nm of torque with 204 horsepower. We know that the maximum speed of the vehicle will be limited to 160 km / h, but 0-100 km / h and so on. acceleration values ​​are not explained.

At the first launch of the vehicle, Volkswagen will present it with the launch package “ID.3 1st edition”. This package also includes many good equipment, such as a navigation system, heated front seats and heated steering wheel, 18-inch steel wheels.

The “Plus” package includes a parking camera, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and start, better quality trim, dimming windows, matrix LED headlights and 19-inch wheels. Customers who are not content with this can add the Max package of “ID.3 1st edition” to the vehicle in addition to all these equipment, including head-up display, Beats Audio sound system, panoramic glass roof and 20-inch wheels.

Volkswagen also seems to have tried to keep the ID.3’s starting price high. The base version of the vehicle will not exceed 30,000 Euros in Germany. In other words, the price of a base version ID.3 corresponds to 190,000 TL with direct conversion. Of course, if the vehicle comes to our country, it will surpass this price with additional taxes. Volkswagen launched the electric car family IDD with ID.3. Crozz’s SUV and so on. continues to work with many models to expand further.

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