Nissan Juke

Fully renewed interior and exterior design is accompanied by growing dimensions and autonomous driving characteristics.
Nissan completely renewed the compact crossover model Juke, which was introduced 9 years ago and became popular with its unusual design, for 2020. The new generation Juke, which comes with a design similar to the Kicks model that the company is selling in some countries, has yet to give up its unusual design. Many new technologies in the vehicle, the new turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, manual and dual-clutch automatic transmission options, such as the general features of this vehicle will already be high sales volumes already show.


The first thing anyone who looks at the new generation of Juke will notice is that, as we have just said, it has not spoiled its unusual and free-spirited design. Large round headlights in the front continued to be used again. But this headlight, as well as the design of the daytime running light completely changed. The dual-colored body will again appeal to young customers. We can say that the red ceiling in the official promotional footage suits the black ceiling. We know the new front grille in the front of the car from many other current Nissan models and we see that it is well integrated.

Nissan says the Juke, whose design has been completely revamped, now offers better interior space. According to the company, the rear passengers are now offered a better knee distance of 5.8 cm and a better head distance of 1.1 cm. The luggage volume of the car has increased by 20% compared to the previous year and reached 422 liters. The major reason for this increased internal volume is the growing external dimensions of the vehicle. Because the vehicle has reached dimensions of 4,210 mm length, 1,595 mm height and 1,800 mm width. So there is a noticeable increase in size. However, Nissan says that despite these size increases, the new Juke has managed to be slightly lighter than before. This amount is exactly 23 kg.


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