Honda e

The new E has an important role in electrifying Honda’s entire range and achieving 100 percent electric sales by 2025. The concept does not change much according to the cute city car, the camera is seen to replace the side mirrors. The image provided by these two cameras is reflected on the two six-inch screens inside the vehicle.

With a rear-wheel-drive system and a 50:50 weight ratio, the Honda E offers two different power options via its rear axle electric motor. Both versions produce 136 hp and 154 hp, providing 315 Nm of torque. 0-100 km / h acceleration of the vehicle in about eight seconds is completed.

The zero-emission car is able to cover 220 kilometers on a single charge thanks to its 35.5 kwh battery. The Honda E’s quick charge function provides 80 percent charge, which means 177 kilometers of road in about 30 minutes.

Let’s come to the cabinet; The new E features a smart interface system on the 12.3-inch touch screen. One of the highlights of the system, Honda Personal Assistant, has a unique understanding ability that enables him to establish natural dialogues with the user.

Honda E’s price information is not yet announced all the details will open the doors next week is expected to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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